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Depression & Anxiety


A real and debilitating illness that can undermine our ability to function normally

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The feelings associated with severe depression are much more serious than the general ups and downs we encounter every day. It has a corrosive affect that eats away at our confidence and self-worth, darkening our view of the world around us.

A combination of GP prescribed medication and talking therapies can help you to overcome the debilitating affects of depression. One of the most successful approaches is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which helps by encouraging us to recognise unhelpful thoughts and behaviours.


If you're feeling depressed, please don't suffer alone. There is help at hand.

Please feel free to contact me, to discuss how I can help you feel more in control. A conversation can be the first step to acknowledging that you need support.

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Nicholas King Counselling & Psychotherapy | Depression


Anxiety takes many forms and can have a negative impact on every aspect of our lives

Nicholas King Counselling & Psychotherapy | Anxiety

It’s important to recognise that anxiety is a normal response and has as much to do with our development as human beings as it does about the meaning we give to our individual experiences.  Our stone-age ancestors faced very real threats with everyday life being a constant battle for survival as they defended themselves from attack by wild animals or other tribes. To cope with these life-threatening situations the body developed an alarm system that was triggered whenever danger was present. This is still with us today and is commonly known as the fight, flight or freeze response.

The difference today is that the warning system often becomes activated erroneously and inappropriately during routine, everyday situations which nevertheless seem threatening. Living with anxiety can be debilitating.  

As well as offering counselling approaches to therapy, I use CBT to help with anxiety. I know from personal experience just how effective CBT can be in helping us to manage our anxiety symptoms on a day-to-day basis - freeing us up so that we can get on with enjoying life again.

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Counselling can be a sign of our willingness to resolve problems rather than avoid them

Nicholas King Counselling & Psychotherapy | LQBTQi

LGBTQi and heterosexual identities are equally valid and simply part of the spectrum of sexual or gender orientations and identities that should be viewed as a basic human right.


I am pleased to be able to offer LGBTQi affirmative counselling. Whether you are currently in distress or trying to work through an issue connected with living your life fully, please feel free to contact me and we can talk over your concerns.

As a passionate advocate of inclusivity generally I aim to ensure that every aspect of my practice affirms the experiences of those seeking my help. As well as being aware of LGBTQi issues,  I'm sure you'll find me warm and respectful to your needs hope that this will help you decide that I may be the right counsellor for you.

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Any issue that's causing difficulties in your relationship can be discussed in counselling and it doesn't matter if you are living together, married, gay or straight.

It might be that everything seemed to be going fine in a long-term relationship but suddenly you’ve hit a problem and you're unclear how to approach it? Maybe you’ve recently started a new relationship but feel a bit unsure about how things are going or in what direction?

Or it could be that a relationship you cared deeply about has recently ended and you are left trying to work out where things went wrong?

My aim is to provide sessions that will offer you a sanctuary for sharing the strong feelings and issues that have brought you to counselling in the first place. An important part of my role in couples counselling is to support you both as you explore your concerns freely and openly, whilst helping to keep a check on the blame or hostility that can often emerge when we are hurt and upset.

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Nicholas King Counselling & Psychotherapy | Relationship Counselling


Coming to terms with living an authentic life can be difficult. Counselling can help


Counselling for Young People 

Growing up is difficult and sometimes young people need help to negotiate the teenage years

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Young people may often experience difficulties that can feel confusing and isolating.

The recent Covid19 crisis has placed additional challenges and stresses on young people's lives that require appropriate help and support.


Concerns about school, college and future prospects in an uncertain world have compounded the difficulties already encountered by children and young people. Anxiety, low mood symptoms and loss of confidence are just some of the areas of concern faced by our young people today and it's essential that we support them through these difficult times and sustain the hope of a brighter future for all.

If you are a parent looking for counselling to help your son or daughter please feel free to contact me and I will be pleased to discuss how I can help you, I provide counselling for young people aged 14+ years.

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Nicholas King Counselling & Psychotherapy | Counselling for Young People


A life limiting condition, this term covers almost any behaviour over which we've lost control

Nicholas King Counselling & Psychotherapy | Alcohol Addiction

Talking therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can be very effective in treating addiction problems.

But the starting point for overcoming any addiction is yourself.

No one can make you give up an addiction.

You have to genuinely want to change and believe your life will be better without it. If you’re committed to finding a solution to your addiction, then I can help you make a plan for the future identifying the challenges you are likely to meet from withdrawal and developing the skills to help you cope with them effectively.

You will find me supportive and non-judgemental as you work towards a new life free from addictions.

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Young people
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