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Counselling For Men

Help and support is often needed for issues that are frequently, though not exclusively, experienced by male clients. Anger management and aggression, work-related stress and substance abuse can often be a concern for men. Relationship difficulties and break-ups also cause considerable distress.

Similarly, coping with mental health problems can be difficult to share with friends and family and many men can experience isolation and even despair when tackling issues like these alone.


Even in today's more enlightened times some men may still find it difficult to open up about their concerns and instead think they should "bottle it up". Thankfully, more and more men are now beginning to recognise the value of gaining professional help with personal difficulties and are seeking help through counselling.

However, whilst there are numerous counselling services providing support exclusively for women it can often be much harder to find similar therapy that deals with problems that appear to be predominately experienced by men.

It makes sense to acknowledge the challenges faced today by male clients so if you would prefer to discuss your concerns with a male therapist please feel free to call me.


Nicholas King Counselling & Psychotherapy | Counselling for Men

These are some of the areas I help men with...

  • Marriage and Relationship difficulties

  • Sexuality, Gender Identity, Sexual Dysfunction

  • Anxiety and Depression, Loneliness, Self-Esteem

  • Anger and Aggression Management

  • Alcohol and Addictions

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