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If you're beginning to feel that your alcohol intake is causing you problems then it might be time to take stock of your drinking habits and consider whether you need to cut down. Taking the initiative to reduce the amount you drink is never a bad thing but if your levels of drinking have been excessive then stopping suddenly could be risky - to be on the safe side you should always get advice from your G.P. if you have concerns about drink. You might also consider getting professional support through therapy to help you understand how and why your drinking has been causing you difficulties in the first place. A counsellor can offer you additional support and guidance about drink and help you make changes that will keep you safe and avoid taking unnecessary risks with your health in the future.

What excuses are you telling yourself about drink?

A good place to start reviewing your alcohol intake is to ask yourself what excuses you make for drinking too much. Drinkaware UK points to some of the typical excuses we give ourselves when we want to have a drink and range from: "I've had a tough day", to "I haven't got work tomorrow" or "I need to get in the mood to socialize", "I've just got paid" or even "The sun is shining". These are just some of the things we might say to ourselves that spark off our drinking habits and often lead to excessive alcohol intake. If these sound like statements you've heard yourself using to justify drinking it might be worth recognizing just how powerful these personal triggers can be and how they influence the amount you are likely to have at any one time. The next step in getting to grips with our drinking is to track the amount we have over the week and set some targets for reducing the amount we have.

Techniques to help you regain control of your drinking

Getting professional support as you do this will help you keep focused on your goals and the progress you are making as well as avoiding pitfalls along the way. The added benefit of working with a therapist to bring your drink down to safe levels is that it can help us make sense of the thoughts and feelings that keep our drink problem going and prevent it from being reduced. Using techniques from Cognitive Behaviour therapy I can help you to identify new strategies and behaviours that will help you to stay in control of your choices. When our drinking has become problematic it's time to thinking about changing our relationship with drink so that we only drink moderately and within safe limits.

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